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Niko Romito Formazione is a Higher Education and Specialization School dedicated to catering and Haute Cuisine.

Established in 2011 the school offers different training opportunities for future cooks, catering professionals and amateurs, with extended training programs, intensive courses and short courses on specific subjects.

Niko Romito Formazione is a Regione Abruzzo  Certified  Post- Compulsory, Undergraduate  and Higher Education Institute, according to Regional Council Decree n.363, 20 July 2009.

Facilities and equipment

More than 450 square meters of custom-made work stations equipped with state-of-the-art tools are available for our students learning requirements:

•  Multi-media classrooms
•  Three teaching laboratories with fifteen work stations
•  Lockers
•  Office and information desk
•  Cafeteria
•  Spice orchards
•  Experimental vineyard
•  Experimental fruit orchard
•  Special agreements with nearby hotels and furnished-flat owners for student accommodation
•  Parking

Courses are taught every day of the week: together with traditional classes we provide on-site on-the-job-training courses, our students take part in events and conferences and work side-by-side with the staff of the Reale Restaurant to establish a direct link between classroom attendance and on-the-job training.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Reale Restaurant, frequent workshops with the best experts in the sector and the teaching partnership established with the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche del Pollenzo (UNISG) and the Slow Food Association, Niko Romito Formazione is a top educational and training institution, an ambassador of Italian Haute Cuisine in the world.